Jul 12, 2021

Alf is a modern, powerful implementation of relational algebra. It brings relational algebra where you don’t necessarily expect it: in shell, in scripting and for building complex software. Alf has an rich set of features. Among them, it allows you to:

  • Query .json, .csv, .yaml files and convert from one format to the other with ease,

  • Query SQL databases with a sounder and more powerful query language than SQL itself,

  • Export structured and so-called “semi-structured” query results in various exchange formats,

  • Query multiple data sources as if they were one and only one database,

  • Create database viewpoints (mostly read-only viewpoints for now), to provide your users with a true database interface while keeping them away from data they may not have access to,

  • Enjoy a rich set of relational operators and even define your own high-level and domain-specific ones.

Programming Tools

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Created on Oct 19, 2020
By @gurlic